Rafoogar Baithak in Najibabad-page-001


APRIL 2012

The work is in progress but there are several sensitive issues related to the project ,

It is all very intriguing and exciting but needs to be monitored by all ethical means,not destroying the natural flow of its survival.

First and Foremost,It relates to the trade secret of an occupation,their trade links and also the tricks(magicians role) in the trade.

Will the community themselves  like it  to be revealed or keep it undisclosed forever as it has happened in  the History?

The second points is the context of the place, the effect of the project in its  current socio-political situation  there .

Also, response  and support of the town and its people.

Thirdly,the involvement of the women to be  equally involved to participate in this project in  the public domain.

The projects will have three parts in the workshop

-Workshop with the traditional darners

-Workshop with the women of the community

-Workshop with the younger generation of the community


The project has  started in Najibabad after an initial hitch as  the Rafoogars were willing to co-operate with me but were hesitant to  work as a group .So the work will be carried out individually by the participants in their respective homes and we can have  a collective workshop as a final  event for the people of the town  and  also visitors from KHOJ can be part of it.

Therefore,initiated a collective work  that will rope in as many people (men,women and children) of the community,leading to other works in future.

Media (Local Newspaper and Najibabad Radio station )will be requested to cover the event as an awareness program about the project  for the people of the town  .The objective is to make the invisible visible through this event.

MAY 2012

A trip with the Sunday Guardian reporter proved to be beneficial as the locals have become enthusiastic and more co-operative to be part of the event.

The block printed cotton piece has been given for sampling and hopefully will be ready for the workshop.

The others are trying to find old maps to create their own stories and designs for more pieces that will be joined together later.

JUNE 2012

After several meeting  and discussions  about the suitable dates for the workshop and final event in Najibabad, the initial plans of mid June has been postponed to 30th June .(considering the extreme heat and weather conditions and  power failures ,especially  while working  with  the woolen materials)

Wear and tear

The visible holes

The mending needle

The invisible Karigars

Refilling with dyes